How It Works

NaturaBust Capsules

NaturaBust capsules are the combination of the most important herbs for natural breast reduction while firming, lifting and shaping breasts; achieving a more proportionate look to your frame. NaturaBust provides a natural approach for targeting fatty cells (subcutaneous adipose tissue) in the mammary glands; results vary from a 1 to 3 cup size reduction as well as firming, shaping and lifting. You have absolute control over how small or firm you want your breasts with NaturaBust. Every woman desires a different shape, size, firmness and look. You can simply stop using NaturaBust once you have reached your desired results.

NaturaBust Breast Reduction Capsules

  • 1 capsule, 2 times a day
  • All natural herbal supplement
  • 90 day supply
  • 180 Capsules
  • Ingredients : Guggulu Gum Resin, Sclareolides (from clary sage leaf), Red Clover Flower, Tumeric, Tribulus Terrestris, Cordyceps Mushroom Plant, Sarsaparilla Root, Passionflower.

NaturaBust Gel

This herbal breast reduction gel provides a natural approach to breast reduction allowing women to achieve firmness, lifting and more shapely breasts. Applying NaturaBust gel is both soothing and pleasant. Your breasts will "tingle" with a new sensuous warmth that will tell you NaturaBust is working. NaturaBust gel is light, and fragrance free. A pea-sized amount is applied directly to the breasts, for support of more shapely, firmer and smaller breasts.

NaturaBust Breast Reduction Gel

  • Apply twice a day or as needed for your desired results.
  • Color & Fragrance Free, 2 oz. (58ml) bottle
  • Ingredients : Purified Water, Herbal Infusion of: (Guggulu, Tribulus Terrestri, Red Clover), Glycerin, Soybean oil, Calendula Oil, Polysorate 20, Vitamin E, Ultrex 10, Menthol, Germaben II (Natural Preservative)

NaturaBust Firm & Tone Breast Reduction Scrub

Our most popular product and comes gorgeously packaged! NaturaBust firm & tone breast reduction scrub promotes firmer and more toned breasts in just seconds! Containing green tea, pure cane sugar and jasmine essential oil this amazing scrub increases circulation to the breast tissues instantly firming, toning and lifting them up! Also, great for stretch marks - NaturaBust scrub is rich in coconut and jojoba oils, shea butter and honey! You'll be amazed with the results while enjoying how lovely it smells!

  • Use once a week or as desired for firmer and more toned breasts.
  • 100% Natural
  • 12 oz. (350ml) Jar
  • Ingredients : Fair Trade Cane Sugar, Green Tea Leaves, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Jasmine Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Soya Lecithin, Green Oxide (Natural Color).

NaturaBust Benefits:

  • 100% Natural
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Natural Approach to Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Confidential & Discreet
  • Bra's Fit Better
  • Firmer Smaller Breasts
  • Naturally Lift Breasts
  • Improved Back Health
  • Improved Confidence
  • Look Better in Clothes

Here’s why NaturaBust capsules are so popular, it’s made with 8 of the most popular ingredients known in the herbal industry for support of breast reduction combined in one easy to take capsule!



Tribulus Terrestris

Red Clover





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